With over 3000 corporate, private and public events experience, we are convinced music break the ice and connects people. Usually guests discover DJing with a help of a host and then have fun in small groups for 10-15 minutes before the new players change them.

On top, we have various other gameplays during events: compete for a best DJ title, perform on stage, record a song with vocals from CEO, and other.

Benefits of the activity

  • Everyone can do it - no music experience is required

  • High turnover - up to 150 guests can try out the activity during a 6-hour event

  • Social activity - players teach each other and share tips among themselves

  • Attractive to watch - those who do not play, can enjoy the music played by others


Silent Disco is a great add-on for the Mash Machine in events - while makes the activity stay silent for others, while well audible for players.

Corporate clients are often interested in branding of the unit and and tailored music solutions.


Consumer Engagement


Custom soundbanks


Mash Machine can record the speakers of your conference and replace the vocals with their spoken words and phrases. Make your conference highlights last longer while creating a soundtrack of it.



DJ battles


DJ Battles: You can engage your guests by organising a DJ battle. Two players can compete against each other in one-minute rounds, judged by the audience. 





Mash Machine can be used as an integral part for a truly engaging performance. Both for performers as well as to the audience, allowing for a playful interaction, blurring the lines between the stage and the audience. That’s right. It’s for the wow effect!  



For live performers


Mash Machine can be used in live performances, whether they are organized or impromptu ones. It provides a wide range of music genres for artists to sing along to, and with the audience playing the music, it is a memorable experience for all.





The Mash Machine is suitable for permanent installations in museums. Its adaptability of looks and content enables it to fit any museum environment and it becomes a tool of interactive learning for the visitors.