Driving engagement, fun & participation with Mash Machine for events

To have a memorable event, you need to stand out from the crowd. Mash Machine delivers a truly unique experience by harnessing the unifying power of music, as well as all the fun of gameplay.

Mash Machine has already brought its distinctive form of interactive fun to over 5000 events worldwide. Our dynamic system offers a range of games and interactive experiences meaning that there is always a new way to engage and entertain your guests.

Our clients always come back for more, here are some of the reasons why:

  • Absolutely Everyone Can Play – No musical experience required. It only takes a minute or so for a host to demonstrate basic functionality, leaving your guests to learn the best way; through play!
  • Great Turnover – Up to 150 guests can try it out during a 6 hour event.
  • Team Building – Guests play, learn, and engage together, helping to develop relationships.
  • Spectator Engagement – Even those who aren’t playing Mash Machine enjoy watching, a true centre-piece for an event.
  • An Eclectic Experience – Over thirty audio collections allows the music to match the mood with soundbanks ranging from Jazz to Opera to Deep House and of course everything in-between. Our genre collection can be heard at bit.ly/mashsession.
  • Silent Disco – The music can fill the space or only be channelled to numerous headphones, depending on event requirements.