Custom soundbanks

Mash Machine can record the speakers of your conference and replace the vocals with their spoken words and phrases. Make your conference highlights last longer while creating a soundtrack of it.


DJ battles


DJ Battles: You can engage your guests by organising a DJ battle. Two players can compete against each other in one-minute rounds, judged by the audience. 




The Mash Machine is suitable for permanent installations in museums. Its adaptability of looks and content enables it to fit any museum environment and it becomes a tool of interactive learning for the visitors.


For live performers


Mash Machine can be used in live performances, whether they are organized or impromptu ones. It provides a wide range of music genres for artists to sing along to, and with the audience playing the music, it is a memorable experience for all.



Mash Machine can be used as an integral part for a truly engaging performance. Both for performers as well as to the audience, allowing for a playful interaction, blurring the lines between the stage and the audience. That’s right. It’s for the wow effect!