Mash Machine’s value lies in its versatility. Below are just a few of the examples of how it can be utilized to take your event to the next level.

Customised Soundbanks

Mash Machine can record sound bites from your conference, and then seamlessly blend them into its soundbank portfolio so that the message becomes part of the music. An extremely effective way of amplifying ideas while engaging players and spectators simultaneously.

DJ Battles

Players compete by composing on Mash Machine for one minute rounds, and are then judged by their audience. A hugely engaging game for both competitors and spectators.


Mash Machine makes an excellent installation for museums and galleries. The adaptability of presentation and content means that there is no limit on how it can be used as a tool for interactive learning and engagement.

Live Performances

The unparalleled user-friendliness of Mash Machine means that, it can be easily used for live performances with a twist, the audience becomes the entertainers!


The limits of Mash Machine are only confined to the limits of your imagination. With customisable soundbanks and components, there are infinite ways in which these devices can be used to facilitate engagement, team building, marketing, brand awareness, and most importantly; FUN!