+How to change soundbanks?

When the setup is done, soundbanks are changed either by placing a special "control" cube on the surface or by using our web application via smartphone, tablet or other device.

+Making custom soundbanks

We have produced special themed soundbanks for campaigns and events. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to release it.

Examples of solutions are:

  • Pharell’s Happy based soundbank for FIAT booth during Geneva Motor Show 2014
  • Branded and custom vocals for Aqua brand entertainment in Indonesian's biggest music festival, 2015
  • Cat vocals for Christmas sound banks during a cat food campaign in shopping malls in Lithuania, 2015
  • Brand new Body and Mind soundbank for a Yoga conference

Please note that using copyrighted materials is quite expensive and prices vary a lot based on different cases.

Production of original content soundbanks for Mash Machine can range from 1500 EUR up to 4000 EUR, depending on requirements, instruments, studio time etc.


Purchasing Mash Machine


+How do I make an order?

After we talk and agree on the purchase and delivery terms, there will be 5 steps before Mash Machine reaches you.

  • We need your company details (address, VAT / registration codes), as well as delivery address.
  • We sign the agreements - Mash Machine Unit Sale and Heads of Agreement (Content Licensing)
  • We produce the Mash Machine poster with your contacts on the back
  • We issue 50% invoice for the purchase
  • We ship the device after the transaction is completed. Remaining 50% are paid within a week after the device arrives.

+Delivery Time

Delivery takes from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on availability of our stock.

+Service and Warranty

When purchasing a Mash Machine, we give a 1 year warranty under ordinary use for the device and electronic equipment. Internal computer is given 2 years warranty. Afterwards, we are able to provide damaged or broken parts of the unit at additional cost.

Setup and Maintenance 


It takes up to 5 minutes for a single person to assemble the Mash Machine from the transportation case.  

Once turned on, the user connects and configures Mash Machine using a smartphone or tablet.





+Audio Output

Mash Machine has a standard 3.5mm plug. Through connectors it can be plugged into any kind of sound system.

It is also possible to make a setup with headphones. We recommend a silent disco setup.


Mash Machine requires a single electricity plug. Soundsystems should be powered separately.

+Is Internet connection necessary?

An internet connection is required during events only if you wish to share user's mixes via email. Furthermore, you will need to connect the device in order to obtain software and content updates. We recommend connecting it to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable once a month to check for updates.