Unique marketing experience with Mash Machine

The most successful modern brands are adaptive and creative when it comes to new marketing opportunities. We believe that Mash Machine represents a truly unique marketing experience.

Being visually striking, and audibly enticing, Mash Machine immediately dominates attention in any arena in which it is placed. It has been used by dozens of notable companies including Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Lays, Danone, and Fiat as the centrepiece of campaigns across the globe.

Brands who jam with Mash Machine

Some of the reasons the big brands choose Mash Machine:

  • Component Customisation – Our blocks and bases can be tailored to represent your brand and products. Or music can be played with the product itself, like we did with Coca-Cola and Jägermeister among others.
  • Content Customisation – Audio tracks can be completely customised for optimum synergy with your brand and its personality.
  • Social Media Integration – Music created can be recorded and shared meaning more organic brand engagement across a variety of platforms.
  • Dynamic Playability – A variety of activities are available including Solo Performances, DJ Battles, Music Puzzles, and Unique Ringtone Creation.
  • Word of Mouth – People love to talk about Mash Machine, when utilized for your business, it’ll be your brand they are hyping!

Mash Machine Always Dresses for the Occasion!

Mash Machine is truly a chameleon, ready to transform both its base and its beat blocks to completely represent a chosen brand or event. Imagine how great it would look (and sound!) dressed head to toe in your brand.