Consumer Engagement & Marketing

Impress your audience with a creative and unique music experience!

Being shiny and loud, Mash Machine quickly generates a crowd around. It has been a central ingredient of various consumer engagement campaigns from Indonesia to Italy with brands such as Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Aqua, FIAT, Lays, Brancamenta, Danone and others.


Social media integration for Coca Cola

The are various options to tailor the experience customizing unit design, music content and gameplay:

  • Make your product an instrument - any product or item can be the block triggering the music

  • Customise the content - tailor the music and create a brand unique atmosphere

  • Record and share music with participants

  • Integrate social media - encourage players to share their performances and mash-ups online.

  • Dress the device with custom graphics

  • Customise the gameplay - from performances and DJ Battles to music puzzles and recording phone ringtones