Mash Machine turns anyone into a DJ within a minute! See how we do it

By making interactions with music easy and simple, we open new ways for experiences in museums and science centers. Mash Machine is a great introduction to the world of composing and different music genres around the world. Engagement options include recording and sharing the audio or video files with the players (great for presence on social media) or arranging an improvised DJ Battle among the visitors. On top, by customizing the content and gameplay we captivate audiences with unique interactions at every venue. Take a look at the examples below:

Become a DJ Folk!

Visitors of a folk music museum in Kaunas, Lithuania, try out over 15 traditional music instruments and one special instrument - Mash Machine with unique content developed with a local folk rock band Thundertale. The traditional songs are mixed with hard rock bits, giving visitors a perspective how contemporary music and folk can go well together.

Learn mixing cocktails!

The biggest alcohol producer in Estonia, turned to us when looking for an engaging and innovative way to present their products in their Interactive Liviko Museum. Now their guests create cocktails and mix songs at the same, combining the ingredients with the Mash Machine. The unit and content was custom built for the museum.

DJ with hits of 17th century

The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania celebrated the Early Music Day with their visitors playing two hits from the baroque era: Canon in D Major by Johan Pachelbel and Ciaccona by Tarquinio Merula. After a week of trial, the museum purchased 2 custom-designed units and now fills the spacious palace halls with music everyday!

Budgets and Timelines

Mash Machine unit with standard content starts from 5500 EUR + shipping and taxes. It takes 1-2 weeks to deliver after the payment.

Custom projects with tailored content and unit design can take 3-6 weeks to deliver and start from 7500 EUR + shipping and taxes.

Museums we are at:

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