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All Mash Machines are manufactured in-house, which means we can be 100% confident the build quality is perfect on each and every one.

We are particularly proud that our Mash Machines are:

  • Quick and easy to assemble / pack down.
  • Plug and Play so easy to control via smart phone.
  • Easily Transportable via plane, train, or automobile.
  • Easily Cleaned and maintained.
  • Robust and Resilient and ready to work perfectly event after event.

€ 5.500,- + Vat and shipping

The Hardware

Upon Purchase, your Mash Machine will arrive with everything you need to get jamming, with the exception of a sound system, electricity, and of course players!

Standard Package Includes:

  • Mash Machine base with standard finish
  • A full set of 40 controllers + 10 backup controllers
  • 2 backup sets of stickers for controllers
  • All necessary audio & power cables
  • All components are delivered in a compact flight case and carrier bag.

Audio Content

Each new device comes pre-loaded with our full range of soundbanks ready to jam with. Included in the purchase price is six soundbanks, which you can select having tried them all for a month. Don’t worry though, if you want more than six, you can purchase them for:

One Soundbank

A Soundbank from our library

€ 150,-

Pack of 5 Soundbanks

Save up to € 100,-

€ 650,-

Pack of 10 Soundbanks

Save up to € 500,-

€ 1.000,-