When you purchase the unit, the package includes everything to play music, except a sound system, electricity and players.

  • Structure with legs and a standard wrapper

  • 40 controllers + 10 spare

  • 2 additional sets of stickers for controllers

  • Audio and electricity cables

  • All items are delivered in a flight case and a tube


Price: 5500€ + VAT and shipping

We build product we use ourselves and we are proud of the Mash Machine being:

  • Quick to build and pack

  • Plug & Play, easy to control via smartphone

  • Easy to transport (car, train and plane friendly)

  • Easy to clean

  • Sturdy and robust



Devices come with 6 initial Soundbanks (a set of sounds to play on Mash Machine). We have a range of different music styles to choose from. 

  • 1 Soundbank - 150 €

  • Pack of 5 - 650 € (you save 100€)

  • Pack of 10 - 1000€ (you save 500€!)

After the purchase you will be able to try out all the available Soundbanks for 30 days. After this trial, you will select the Soundbanks to keep on your device.

Same Mash, different looks and audience

Mash Machine is like a chameleon. Ready to change its skin to fit any event. From the looks of the machine to the design of the beat blocks. You can change the face of Mash Machine to fit your brand without any effort.