+ Problems with noise ?

When connecting the Mash Machine to some specific speakers, you might encounter background electric noise.

The origin of this noise come from what is called a “ground loop problem”. (if you want to understand more how where this problem is coming from, you can have a look at the following video: link)

We offer two solutions: using either a Ground loop isolator or a DI-box. Both solutions will need to be connected between the audio output of the Mash Machine computer and your speakers. Please note, that additional cables or adaptors might be required.

There are 2 ways to solve this problem:

1.Ground loop isolator Often found in audio or car shop.

alt text


alt text

(example of passive DI-box)

There are 2 types of DI-boxes: passive or active. The active version might give better result but would need a battery to operate.

alt text

When using a DI-box, you should also press the “Ground Lift” switch (on the bottom right on the figure above) for it to function as desired. Also using such device is a good practice when dealing with music/concerts.

+ Mash Machine stops working?

If your Mash Machine stops working and you cannot see the hotspot or access the web interface, we might need to access your unit remotely to fix it.

To enable the remote connection to the Mash Machine, follow those steps:

  1. Connect the Mash Machine computer to your internet router, using an ethernet cable.

  2. Connect to your router interface In your web browser, go to the address

  3. Find the Mash Machine computer IP address You can know the address of the computer connected to your router in the "status" panel, often under "clients". If the name of the computer connected to your router is displayed, the Mash Machine should be visible as “mashmachinenuc-desktop”.

  4. Forward the port 11122 to the Mash Machine computer The menu to forward ports is often located under "virtual server" (If your router have template to create new port forwarding, select SSH template).

    Options to fill in:

    • Port from (start): 11122,
    • Port to (end): 11122,
    • Protocol: TCP,
    • Address: the Mash Machine IP address you found on the previous step.

alt text

(example of port forwarding window)

  1. Send us your router external IP address. Once you are done with the steps above, you can send us the external IP address of your router on internet.

  2. We fix the Mash Machine remotely

Below are some information on how to forward port on a router:link

There is also a list of existing routers, you can check if your model is not listed there and follow the instructions.