Engage. Create. Collaborate!

Music is our universal language, yet most of us lack the skills required to really engage in its creation.

Mash Machine unites friends, family, and colleagues through the shared joy of music creation and performance.


The Mash Machine experience

The unparalleled user-friendliness of Mash Machine means that, it can be easily used for live performances with a twist, the audience becomes the entertainers!

Elevate Your Events

An instant ice-breaker, Mash Machine takes any event to the next level. With over thirty music styles, your event transforms into a unique interactive party, while your guests transform into performers.

Brand Infusion

Our completely customizable components mean that when Mash Machine shines bright at events, so does your brand.
Our highly sharable experiences drive organic social media content and imbue brands with a huge sense of fun and energy.

Brands who jam with Mash Machine

There were an organic movement and the BUZZ surrounding the Mash Machine that grew by the hour.

Micheal Jaber

Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, USA

Start DJing in a Few Simple Steps

Regardless of musical ability, anyone can learn to enjoy Mash Machine in a matter of minutes. Position the blocks on the playing surface to select, mix, and manipulate from a range of Drum, Bass, Melody, and Vocal tracks.