Time to groove to the music you make yourself

Take a minute to learn the basics and enjoy for hours.

Everyone can do it -  place and move the blocks on the surface of the device to combine drums, melodies, baselines and vocals into mash-ups of your own!


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Entertainment in Events

Enough of listening to others perform - time to groove to the music you make yourself!

Mash Machine is a spectacular ice-breaker for guests to play together.

Turn your event into a party with over 30 music styles available to play!


Consumer Engagement

Attract your audiences with a creative and unique music experience!

Perfect activity for sharing moments on social media and organizing competitions to gather crowds.

Tailor the looks and the experience to your needs!


Get a Mash Machine

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Join over 100 event organizers and marketing agencies around the world who already purchased a unit.

Mash Machine starts from 5500 EUR + shipping and taxes.


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